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James Jenkins

Posted by paulhart on  18th January 2022
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In late 2019, I applied for my Irish citizenship with the main intention of being able to keep an EU passport following the UK’s disappointing exit from the body. Unfortunately, when Covid hit, the Irish passport office only processed emergency applications and mine was on hold for around 18 months. In the spring of this year, it was finally processed and I had my citizenship confirmed. My grandmother was as Irish as you could get and I had always planned on getting my citizenship, but it was not until her passing and all the documents being uncovered and compiled that

Jack Martin – Ironman Portugal !

Posted by paulhart on  30th October 2021
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Jack Martin – Ironman Portugal Cascais – October 2021 Coached by Paul Whittaker and Paul Hart.   In the lead up after landing in Lisbon I felt amazing – so fresh so ready and so excited. I had my race plan hr zones and knew my body was capable. I had my plan to eat bland for the last couple of days – the last thing I wanted was to have an upset stomach and ruin everything with the shits, this felt good physiologically as well as physically. Last swim and run sessions of the taper complete I felt great

Why choose coaching ?

Posted by paulhart on  11th March 2021
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Written by Nick Knight. . . .   Why Choose Coaching ?   If its about the numbers then does an 83W FTP improvement in 18 months tick all the boxes you have as a recreational, or competitive cyclist. What about a reduction in weight of 4 KG meaning a 1.4 w/per KG improvement – surely this will make you faster and better at climbing the dreaded hills, right ?. Or is there more to it than just this ? – I think it is time to recognise that although the numbers are important there is a lot more to

ERG Blog #2

Posted by paulhart on  8th December 2020
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I didn’t quite appreciate how divisive the ERG subject was when posting previously. I wrote how I disliked ERG on the basis that it took control from you as a rider and prevented riders from learning key skills they need to achieve their real life goals. I have since received a number of messages and emails. I now want to talk about the practical training side. This Thursday the HPC coached athletes have the privilege of a racing simulation session. I did this last night to demonstrate the difference with ERG. The main part of the session are two inverted

ERG mode for indoor training?…

Posted by paulhart on  21st October 2020
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The question I get asked more than any other… ERG mode or not? ERG is short for ergometer and it’s when your smart trainer regulates your effort for you. I never use ERG. Ever. Why? 1. Unrealistic. Everyone I coach has real life goals. Having your effort regulated for you is completely unrealistic and is essentially removing important skills you require for your goal, which is the ability to regulate your own effort. 2. Reduces skill. Regulating your own effort is a skill. Changing your cadence, changing gear if required, or simply having to stay in the moment and focus

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