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It’s the end of the road season. So what now?

Posted by paulhart on  23rd November 2019
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It’s time for a break. The body needs a rest, but off season is mainly about the psychological benefits. A break from the mental pressure is vital. When we become more ambitious, we take training more seriously and look to perform well in big events, cycling can become another stress on top of things such as work and family. Before you start your winter training program towards the 2020 season, ask yourself this question: “Do i have the motivation to train hard all winter for another long season? If the thought makes you tired, then its rest. You cannot start

National 10 race report.

Posted by paulhart on  27th September 2019
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Driving home from the National 10, my mood was one of disappointment. I rode one of my best time trials but came 22nd. I tell athletes to decide whether you’re happy or not with your time trial once you cross the finish line, NOT when you get to the HQ. This is so true. I’ve been training well for the National 10. My goals for the TT: ✔ 385 watts first 5 mins ✔ 380 watts to the roundabout – 10mins (headwind section) ✔ 370 watts overall power ✔ Heart rate below 173 until 15mins, then send through to 175/176 ✔ Attack the roundabout, don’t

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